Natural Padding and Cushioning

Only the finest quality horsehair and natural cotton are used to create the padding for your piece. The result is a unique expression of sculptured comfort and firmness.

There is a reason we insist on natural materials. Horsehair has a curl and resiliency that makes it ideal for padding. Unlike manmade foam, which disintegrates within a few years, horsehair will provide you with impeccable service for centuries.

It’s a truly hidden art. Our horsehair padding is hand-stitched between layers of burlap, covered with glazed cotton batting and finished with a tightly woven layer of fine muslin. This provides a smooth and elegant canvas for your goose down and horsehair cushions.

Our handmade cushions are hand-stuffed to suit your personal preferences. Select a filling of luxurious 100% goose down or traditional horsehair. Or opt for a sturdy blend of poly-core, down wrap and inner springs.

Famed for its ethereal softness, 100% goose down is the traditional choice for heirloom-quality furniture. Our all-horsehair cushions or poly-core cushions with down wrap provide a firmer, but equally luxurious, foundation. We can also add soft steel springs to fully maximize support.

Our artisans create each hand-stitched cushion and pillow only after your piece has been crafted and upholstered. By doing so, we are able to obtain a perfectly tailored fit. This gives leave for our seamstresses to provide the finishing touch.

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  • Kevin’s knowledge of the upholstery industry is invaluable. The team handles every project with perfectionism.

    Spazio Rosso
  • Loved working with Kevin – he’s really an artist! Kevin and Katie make the team unbeatable.

    Lucie Beauchemin
  • The go-to custom upholstery shop in the Boston area! Quality and customer satisfaction is always first.

    SLC Interiors
  • A pleasure to deal with. Proposals are clear and timely, furniture is first-class, and delivery is as promised.

    Harry Schnaper Inc.
  • The best custom sofa ever! Beautiful and comfortable, it makes it hard to leave the house. Kevin is master of his craft.

    S. Corkin
  • McLaughlin makes me look good. They were recommended to me for a Boston project and now I’m using them for New York jobs.

    Harry Schnaper Inc.

Made to Order


Like a bespoke suit, McLaughlin’s made-to-order pieces are built to your precise specifications, down to the very last stitch.

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Made your Bed

Design Your Own Bed

Create your new custom upholstered bed with our interactive online bed composer. Choose from select styles of headboard, size and color.

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Time-honored Tradition

Since 1889, McLaughlin has created custom, made-to-measure upholstered furniture of extraordinary quality and timeless beauty.

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