Custom Upholstered Chaises

Once the favored resting spot of Ancient Egyptians, the chaise has evolved to become a sophisticated accent in 21st century homes. To spark your imagination, we’ve included a range of traditional and contemporary custom upholstered chaises, from the classic French Méridienne to sleek, ultramodern silhouettes.

Explore our Client Gallery for further inspiration.


Use these chaises as inspiration for your custom-made desires or simply select a model for our master upholsterers to cover with your choice of fabrics or leathers. Our commitment to luxurious comfort and New England quality never wavers.

  • A pleasure to deal with. Proposals are clear and timely, furniture is first-class, and delivery is as promised.

    Harry Schnaper Inc.
  • Loved working with Kevin – he’s really an artist! Kevin and Katie make the team unbeatable.

    Lucie Beauchemin
  • Kevin’s knowledge of the upholstery industry is invaluable. The team handles every project with perfectionism.

    Spazio Rosso
  • The go-to custom upholstery shop in the Boston area! Quality and customer satisfaction is always first.

    SLC Interiors
  • Kevin maintains a very high standard of quality control and nothing leaves his shop short of perfection.

    F.D. Hodge Interiors
  • The best custom sofa ever! Beautiful and comfortable, it makes it hard to leave the house. Kevin is master of his craft.

    S. Corkin