Natural Horsehair Padding

Only the finest quality horsehair and natural cotton are used to create the padding for your piece. The result is a unique expression of sculptured comfort and firmness.

There is a reason we insist on natural materials. Horsehair has a curl and resiliency that makes it ideal for padding. Unlike manmade foam, which disintegrates within a few years, horsehair will provide you with impeccable service for centuries.

It’s a truly hidden art. Our horsehair padding is hand-stitched between layers of burlap, covered with glazed cotton batting and finished with a tightly woven layer of fine muslin. This provides a smooth and elegant canvas for your goose down and horsehair cushions.

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Made to Order


Like a bespoke suit, McLaughlin’s made-to-order pieces are built to your precise specifications, down to the very last stitch.

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Customization Process

Our award-winning artisans specialize in creating luxurious, custom-made upholstery and furniture built to your precise specifications. These are unique and timeless pieces that speak to the heart of New England quality.

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Since 1889, McLaughlin has created custom, made-to-measure upholstered furniture of extraordinary quality and timeless beauty. Every masterpiece is born of a passion for perfection and meticulously crafted by hand into a work of art unlike any other.

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