Hand-Tied Springs & Webbing

The foundation of your custom-made piece is built upon a basket weave of natural jute webbing and a set of tempered steel coil springs. Our craftsmen hand-tie and knot each individual spring to your hardwood frame using waxed jute twine.

Individual, hand-tied spring coils are a mark of superior quality. The more common zigzag springs place added tension on a frame, often causing it to warp or break. Our nine-gauge steel springs are specifically calibrated to avoid twisting or kinking upon compression.

Once the webbing and springs have been adjusted to your desired depth, resilience and comfort, our expert seamstresses stitch burlap over the structure to hold everything securely in place. At this point, the piece is ready to receive its natural horsehair padding.

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Made to Order


Like a bespoke suit, McLaughlin’s made-to-order pieces are built to your precise specifications, down to the very last stitch.

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Customization Process

Our award-winning artisans specialize in creating luxurious, custom-made upholstery and furniture built to your precise specifications. These are unique and timeless pieces that speak to the heart of New England quality.

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Since 1889, McLaughlin has created custom, made-to-measure upholstered furniture of extraordinary quality and timeless beauty. Every masterpiece is born of a passion for perfection and meticulously crafted by hand into a work of art unlike any other.

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